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ZIS Consultancy Services

ZIS Consultancy Services provides consulting, preparing procedure, written practice, third party Level III Services, specialized witness WPS / PQR review and other QA/QC services. Written services by Level III, Level II and CWI Inspector.

ZIS Consultancy Services provides third party Level III services for Evaluation of NDE Procedures, NDT Inspection, Problem Resolution, and specialized Witness Services 

NDT Procedures 
ZIS Consultancy Services provides written procedures for various NDT inspection methods. The procedures will be written standard or for a specific application. 

Written Practice 
ZIS Consultancy Services provides written practice for training, testing and certification of NDT personnel in accordance with the ASNT SNT-TC-1A as per customer specific requirement. Following are the recommendation for written practice as per SNT-TC-1A 2006 section 5 

  • The employer shall establish a written practice for the control and administration of NDT personnel training ,examination and certification
  • The employer’s written practice should describe the responsibility of each level of certification for determining the acceptability of materials or components in accordance with the applicable codes, standards, specification and procedure.
  • The employer's written practice shall describe the training, experience and examination requirements for each level of certification.
  • The employer's written practice shall be reviewed and approved by the employers NDT Level III
  • The employer's written practice shall be maintained on file.

2. Welding consultancy
We provide welding consultancy, welding inspections, contract research, metallurgical assessments and welding procedures. Our expertise is supported by our welding procedure specifications database and qualified welding engineers. Overlay welding of water walls, welding of advanced creep resistant steels, weld repair of steam drums and gas turbine components are some of the examples where our services resulted in improvements in welding and repair technology and in optimized repair times and costs. We will help to maintain the organization’s reliability and flexibility in spite of reductions in manpower.

Our team of Approved International Welding Technologist is highly experienced for carrying out welding audits in clients’ organizations. We offer certification of welding joints and WQT/PQR/ WPS, etc. on the basis of inception done by our welding technologists. Moreover, we take every measure for the timely completion of undertaken projects. Apart from the above facts, we are identified as one of the most trusted Industrial Welding Consultants based in India.

Our Consultancy Includes:

1. Carrying out Welding Audits

2. Certification of Welded Joints

3. Certification of PQR, WPS, etc

4. NDT - Testing of Welding Joints


ZIS has long recognized that providing quality paints is just one part of the total coating solution. To ensure that the paint performs correctly, the surface to be protected must be properly prepared, and the paint must be properly applied using the right techniques and equipment. And naturally, the choice of the coating system itself is always of key important. Coordinating these activities and making the right decisions calls for a high level of experience and skill. That’s why so many of our customers call in a professional Coating Adviser from ZIS.