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Zenith Inspection Services, India's leading Material Testing, QA and Inspection Company. The joint venture has resulted in formation of Zenith Inspection Services. Based in Navi Mumbai and Pune), Zenith Inspection Services will implement reliable and proven Risk based Inspection (RBI) technology process Zenith Inspection Services will ensure reliable assessment and calculation of risk profile of items in a plant, based on its "active" and "potential" Damage Mechanism ensuring that the resulting inspection interval for the item is reliably optimized in a safe and cost-effective manner.

Why Us

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers defines Nondestructive Testing as the development and application to technical methods to examine materials or components in ways that do not impair future usefulness and serviceability in order to detect, measure and evaluate flaws: to assess integrity, properties and composition and to measuregeometrical characteristics. NDT is an exciting and challenging career Field. Society relies very heavily on NDT technology to keep it as safe a place to live as possible. A great deal of responsibility is placed in the hands of NDT technicians and engineers who keep or aircrafts, trains, and automobiles operating safely: our pipelines and chemical plants from leaking; and our theme park rides and bridges from collapsing. Today NDT technology is used by a wide variety of industries as the work increases to keep product quality high . We are approved by all indian & international classification / third party inspection agencies. ( i.e :- IRS, BV, ABS, .....etc ) with referance to joint venture with thickness gauging company IQRS Pvt.Ltd.

Core Services :
The core services Zenith Inspection Services provides include Mechanical Testing, Chemical Analysis, Positive Material Identification (PMI including onsite carbon detection), Non Destructive Testing (UT, DP, MP, PT, Automated UT using ToFD, Eddy Current Testing, Helium Leak Detection, Ferrite Measurement, Portable Hardness), Metallography, Welder Qualification (as per ASTM, ASME and API), In-situ Metallography (with SEM and EDAX), Sour Gas Corrosion Testing (including HIC/SSC), Risk Based Inspection as per API 581, Failure Analysis, Fitness for Service as per API 579, Vendor Evaluation, Factory Audits, Third Party Inspection, Metallurgical Product Evaluation, Post Weld Heat Treatment, Manpower Deployment, Training, Engineering Research and Consultancy using NDT Level III and AWS/CSWIP inspectors.

All staff who needs basic training in material inspection coupled with a qualification in this field. All NDT personnel, inspectors and technicians engaged in, or responsible for, inspection of castings, forgings, welding or fabricated items during manufacture or in-service. Quality control and assurance staff and supervisor personal who are related to Quality assurance and control